Beauty Shears

Beauty shears have a unique shape and therefore take a unique skill and equipment to sharpen correctly. Most of these highly specific tools have a convex blade and typically come razor sharp, or very close to it. The cutting edge is honed with a curved arc, which creates a very fine cutting edge. These shears, while typically sharper, can also be damaged easier. The Ookami Gold sharpener that Big Mike uses is specifically designed for this purpose. A skilled hand is also very essential since nearly all of these shears are used as a means of providing one’s livelihood.

Other beauty shears have a beveled edge, also known as a Germanic edge. The angle of the bevel may vary, but this style blade is more durable than the convex blades in general. Beveled edges are easier to sharpen and therefore less expensive to sharpen as well. The biggest difference to the hair care professional is a beveled edge will not feel as smooth while cutting as a convex edge.

Maintaining beauty shears is not all about the sharpness either. Having the proper set (curvature of the blades) affects the way they cut as well. This is checked on every pair of shears that Big Mike sharpens and is adjusted when necessary. Have some missing or damaged hardware on your favorite shears? Are the tips even? Do they close properly? Is the tension adjusted appropriately and to your liking? Big Mike can take care of most any of that for you as well, assuming he has the appropriate hardware in stock of course. He will also ensure they are polished and present just as beautifully and professionally as you do and your customers would expect them to. Don’t forget about those thinning shears either!

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