Tool Sharpening

There are all sorts of tools in the garage that need to be maintained. Give Big Mike a call and get those tools back in proper shape! Axes, hatchets, machetes, digging tools, chisels, and more can be sharpened in just a few minutes. Do you have a drill bit that just doesn’t seem to want to go through whatever it is you need to put a hole in? Most drill bits can be sharpened to better than original. Big Mike can even put a split-point on them to keep them from “walking” across the material.

Lawn mowers can either discharge or mulch the clippings. Yes, those blades are different too! Big Mike can make quick work of either and ensure you put a balanced blade back on that mower so you don’t have any vibrations or uneven cuts coming from the blade. Don’t know how to remove the blade? No problem, Big Mike can remove it and reinstall for you as well.

Chainsaw chains are one of those things you may not even realize when they get dull. You just pull the trigger, push down a little harder and keep on cutting, or trying to, but if your chain isn’t producing chips of wood, then it needs a good sharpening. When a chainsaw is making tiny sawdust, it’s dull and dangerous. Do you know the size and pitch of your chain? Are you able to correctly adjust the rakers? Let Big Mike help get that saw back to working at its best without having to replace a perfectly good chain.


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