Big Mike’s Blade Sharpening

What we do:

After searching for various forms of blade sharpening, it became apparent that the service is difficult to find. Big Mike is hoping to fill that need for the greater-Birmingham, AL, area. Specifically, sharpening beauty shears as these tools of the trade are some of the most difficult blades to sharpen due to their precise angles and convex shape. Big Mike uses a Wolff Industries Ookami Gold® sharpener and years of sharpening experience to get these tools just right for the professional hair dresser.

In addition to beauty shears, Big Mike can sharpen most fine edged blades and some serrated blades as well. Here are some additional examples:

  • Kitchen knives and shears
  • Household and sewing scissors
  • Pocket knives, hunting knives
  • Mower blades
  • Chain saw chains
  • Axes, hatches and machetes
  • Shovels (they actually dig better with a sharp edge!)
  • Hedge shears and loppers
  • Drill bits (just wait until you see the difference!)
  • Coming soon – chisels and turning tools!

We come to you!

Just call to set up an appointment and Big Mike will come sharpen all your knives, scissors and tools on site.

Big Mike sharpens beauty shears!
A fresh edge on some everyday scissors.
All kinds of pocket knives sharpened.
Serrated or straight edged blades.